Saturday, August 27, 2022

Using James 3:17 to Discern God's Voice

 [Originally written August 3, 2022. This was a note that was posted to my account on the YouVersion Bible app]

For those of my friends who are experiencing hardships, I offer to you the wisdom that God has given to me. I felt this on my heart, and I have felt God speak to me as I read and reread these passages.

Whenever we are in a situation where we are unsure of what to do, how to respond, whether or not to fight for something, whether to give up, or how to feel about something, it can be very discouraging. When people feel like they are in control of things, they often develop a sense of pride, which (according to the Bible) comes before the fall.

So, you're in a bad situation, and you are confused. What now?

Start by praying, confessing your sins, and humbling yourself before God. None of us deserve the love that Christ shows us, so we must approach Him with humility. Depending on the individual, and depending on the circumstance, this step may take some time.

When you have become humble, pray that God gives you peace, clarity, and strength to do what He wants you to do. From my experience, there are always emotions that are not Christ-like that come up whenever I am in a bad situation. When I feel those emotions in my heart, I pray and ask God to prepare me, and to work in my heart so that He can use me.

Take things day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. God's timing is perfect, but it can be very frightening for us to think too far ahead. Give thanks for what you have, for the life God has given to you, and ask God to reveal to you what you should do today.

When you begin to hear God speak to you, compare what you feel to the Bible. If what you feel contradicts the Bible, then that feeling is not from God. If the feeling in question aligns with the Bible, then compare it to James 3:17. I use that verse as a checklist. Go through each part of the verse and make sure that whatever you feel on your heart fulfills the requirements of James 3:17.

But the wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.

- James 3:17

Some other things to help discern the voice of God:

  • In order to hear the Lord more, you must be in the position to hear from Him. Consecrate yourself in His Word, get rid of the sin in your life (as much as you can), know your Bible, and never stop praying.

  • While I have been reminded of things by God, it is generally true that God only reveals things that are new. This is not an absolute rule, it is just a general principle.

  • If you feel led to do something, but it does not give you peace, do not do it.

  • When you hear from God, it would be a wise decision to pray and ask God to explain/confirm what you have heard/felt.

  • When you seek the Lord, expect the enemy to increase his attacks on your spirit. You are no match for him, but God is greater. Seek God and His protection, and you will not be moved.

I hope my words have helped some of you. Seek God, keep the faith, and resist the devil!

- Daniel Teberian

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