Friday, September 23, 2022


Autotheism is a clearly heretical doctrine. “Auto” means self, and “theism” refers to the belief in the existence of a god. Put the two parts together, and we are greeted by some grade-A anathema. Autotheism is the belief that you are god. Rather, autotheism would be the belief that I am god, but you would be believing that you are god if you described yourself as an autotheist.

I have never met somebody who genuinely believes that he is god, but I have seen a huge number of people who worship humans. When I began researching this heresy, I thought that autotheism is just a fancy way of describing the worship of man, rather than one actually believing that he is god, but I was mistaken. Autotheism is the belief that one is god.

This belief is heretical, as the Bible makes it very clear that there is only one God, and we have already had God revealed to us. None of us are gods, and by believing otherwise, one would be rejecting Christ, the Bible, and the free gift of salvation that was given to us by Jesus Christ.

The reason why I have written about this belief is that – whether intentional or not – there are false gospels that tell those who believe that they are (or can be) gods. The most prominent of said false gospels is Mormonism (otherwise known as the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints). Mormons believe that God was once a man, and that, if we work hard in this life, each of us can become a god, and we can rule over our own planets, respectively. The Mormon teaching in question would require that the believer believe that he is god, which would fall under the definition of autotheism.

Another notable example of autotheism is the Mirror Bible, written by Francois Du Toit. The Mirror Bible, despite its name, is not a Bible. Rather, the Mirror Bible is a perversion of the Gospel. This book describes how every person has a bit of God’s “divine DNA” in us, and how Jesus was sent to earth to let us know that we can be gods. As for how we can become gods, Du Toit would respond that we just need to realize that we have a bit of God in us already. The Mirror Bible is an excellent example of autotheism being forced into Christianity. 

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