Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas - Introduction

If you are a Christian, you have probably read one (or all) of the four Gospels, found in the New Testament. There is the gospel of Matthew, of Mark, of Luke, and of John. But, what if there was a new gospel, a “fresh” gospel, a gospel that shows us the side of Jesus that “they” do not want us to see?

Well, that would be something, I suppose.

Since the beginning of Christianity, there have been attempts to add to the existing books of the Bible, attempts to rewrite the Bible to fit a specific theology, and there have been books that have been accepted amongst certain groups of Christians, while other Christians have rejected said books. The most well-known books to be disputed are part of what is referred to as the Apocrypha. I do not believe that the books of the Apocrypha should be part of the Bible, but there are many Christians who disagree with me (most notably, the Catholic Church, and various Orthodox churches).

Despite their disagreements, Catholics and non-Catholics can agree that the Infancy Gospel of Thomas is heretical, and should definitely not be included in any Bible, anywhere.

What is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas? Well, nobody really knows. It is generally agreed upon that the Infancy Gospel of Thomas was written somewhere in the second century. In other words, this book was written long after the four gospels (the real ones) were written. Nobody knows who wrote the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, nor do we know how the author even knew the stories he (or she) wrote about. The book describes the childhood of Jesus, but in a very interesting way. Rather than the wise, sinless, perfect Jesus that we know and love, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas portrays a child, allegedly named Jesus, who makes magical mud birds and murders children. Obviously, this book describes a totally different Jesus, which is exactly why the Church has rejected the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

My purpose in asking such a strange series of questions in the first paragraph was so that I could explain the reason why we even have these fake gospels. People who hate Christianity love the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, as well as the other fake gospels, since these books portray Jesus as being evil, harsh, and sinful.

My purpose in writing about this book is to help others understand why this book is not God’s Word, so that people can defend the inerrancy of the Bible against its critics, and so that we can have a bit of fun and laugh at the ridiculousness of this book.

I cannot lie: I love this book, but not for the reason why others do. I love this book because it is so absurd that it becomes genuinely hilarious. I think that other people will join me in mocking the silliness of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas.

I will begin to read and write about the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, and I will put out my writing in a chapter-by-chapter format. I have many subjects that I really look forward to writing about, but this subject has been one of the most exciting ones. Remember, it is okay to laugh at the attacks on Christianity, but we must remember the reason that this false gospel was written: to undermine the teachings of Christianity, to tarnish the reputation of Jesus Christ, and to take people away from the Church. This book is absolutely evil, and we must remember that it was not written to be humorous, it was written to attack Christianity.

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